Managing Career during Covid19

Managing Career During Covid19

Managing career during Covid19. Many professionals who were comfortable with their career choices are now struggling in the covid19 scenario. Many verticals including hospitality industry, travel and tourism, Information technology, Entertainment Industry and many other fields have suffered badly. Its hard to find an area unaffected by this pandemic. Managing Career during Covid19 scenario might find difficult.

We life in an age of confusion, where people are fully unaware about the future hardships. Nothing is predictable. Recently and article entitled “Being alive is the biggest achievement in 2020.” Career and job is now secondary. However, livelihood is very important. People cannot survive without earnings. In India, many newspapers reported about a few top executives, who were senior managers at a five-star Hotel. They lost their employment. Many people believe that managing Career during Covid19 is extremely difficult sometimes. Instead they hired a pickup van and started selling vegetables and fish on the streets.

How can we ensure that alternate employment options are available in case of job loss? How can we support our families in this tough situation?

The reality is that, if your career is affected by covid19, it was just a coincidence. To have a stable career option, we need to reinvent career areas.

Build Many Possible Career Areas

In earlier times people used to select only a single career option. People normally develop skills and sharpen it in any specific area. If anything goes wrong in that field, the person becomes jobless. To gain knowledge in multiple areas is the success mantra. We should try to learn multiple skills. If one skill fails go for another. As Warren Buffet mentioned, never depend on one income source or skill. This is in fact developing multiple professional selves. If you are an accountant, a commercial driving license might help as well in tough times. Gain multiple skills and earn multiple qualifications. You can acquire skills that are not related to your current profession. This will also give wings to many of your childhood dreams too. After all everyone loves to kill monotony. Covid19 is a boon in disguise to kill monotony in life and to grab unexplored professional skills

Sharpen Your Skills

There are people who try to earn a livelihood with what they have studied 20 years back. This strategy will not work in the present job scenario. he success tip of the present-day world is to be ready for the future. Use your leisure time to research on new development in your field. If possible, enroll for any update programmes. Choose appropriate weekend courses

In future, Your Old Career Option might Never Come Back.

Many career options which existed in the pre Covid scenario may not exist in future. Even if it returns, it might take more than 2 years to get stable. By that time the way in which that career operates will be in a completely different way. If your career is threatened by Covid19, that career option many not suit you any time soon. There are positive things that we can see around even in tough times. People who think creatively are still making use of this difficult time. In many cities in India, and around the world new shopping chains started in the pandemic scenario. These retail chains specialize in Covid Accessories like different types of masks, sanitizers, personal protection accessories, etc. There are people who find opportunities in any disaster. There are people who find disaster in all opportunities as well.

Work-life balance during Covid19

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