Build a Future in Canada

Build a Future in Canada. The Dream Location

Build a Future in Canada, The Job Hunters Dream Location. Canada is a dream destination for many job hunters in India. Excellent standard of living, awesome climate, and ample career opportunities attracts job seekers. Secondly, Canada offers excellent support to people who wish to migrate to Canada from different parts of the world. The migrants get excellent security and good standard of living. The socio-economic condition in Canada and the political situation is also good for migrant job seekers. In the present situation migrating to the United States of America is not as easy as it used to be. Hence, Canada offers an excellent next best option for job seekers.

Build a Future in Canada

The political condition in Canada is very good for job seekers to build a future in Canada. Justin Trudeau became successful, a second term as the Prime Minister in the last election in Canada. He represents the Liberal Party in Canada.  Trudeau administration took many positive decisions to help Migrant students and job seekers to Canada during their first term itself. Even in the second term He is taking several decisions that are beneficial for the migrant employees and students from country including India. The Liberal party represented by Trudeau as well as the Conservative Part have a positive approach towards promoting Migrant man power to Canada. Therefore, both the parties strongly believe that Migrant job seekers and students are needed for the economic growth and social well being in Canada.

The labor party of Canada took many positive steps, even during the last election time towards migrant people who wish to build a future in Canada. Increasing the number of migrants was one among the reforms. Secondly, they also removed the migration fees for people who wish to come to Canada. Presently 630USD is the Citizenship application fees for Canada.

Canada is a country with a very small population and human resource. Skilled people is a big concern here. Therefore, Canada provide migrants with attractive salary, free healthcare facilities for entire family, Education for children, and attractive pension schemes. The migrating professionals will also get all the benefits of a Canadian Citizen. Canada is planning to offer citizenship to about 10 lakh professionals by 2022. In the year 2020 itself Canada will offer citizenship to over three lakh people.

Provincial Nominee Programmes (PMP) in Canada

Since Canada lacks skilled professional work force, professionals have excellent opportunity to migrate to Canada. The most popular entry plan to Canada is the Express Entry Programme specially designed for professionals. However, this programme has comparatively tougher criteria for getting approval. Hence, this is not a good option for people who just want to stay permanently in Canada. Provincial Nominee Programme is an excellent option in this aspect. Secondly, each Province in Canada has their own Provincial Nominee Programmes. Secondly, prospective migrants can choose their favorite province and apply for Provincial Nominee Programmes in their favorite Province.

Migration to Canada is based on a Comprehensive Ranking System. This evaluates the capability, skills and competencies of the aspirant. Comprehensive Ranking System is not considered for Provincial Nominee Programme. Hence, it is a better way to go for many aspirants who dream to build a future in Canada. Provincial Nominee Programmes look for economic and social development needed in each province of Canada. Skills professionals in those areas or requirements will be nominated to that province. This means that there is a space for all in any of the provinces in Canada. Students who studied in Canada, Family members of professionals, and business promoters have separate categories to apply.

If you dream to be a citizen in Canada, Study about the opportunities well and check whether your professional skills suits well with the requirements. If you are prepared well to be put up at a place outside India, Canada is an excellent option.

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