Javed Miandad Vs Imran Khan

Miandad Vs Imran : Cricket Vs Politics

Miandad Vs Imran. Right from the day of inception, Pakistan has always been a country of chaos. The nation has seen numerous military coups. Military rule has butchered Democracy multiple times. Pakistan is also the world capital of corruption. The Islamic nation is very orthodox in their approach towards religious minorities. Debate on this topic is a common thing in pakistan.

Pakistan is known worldwide for cricket. However, recently Pakistan is losing its stronghold as a strong cricketing nation. The history of cricket in Pakistan is also the history of its politics. The present Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was the past skipper of the Pakistan Cricket Team. His co-player and captain Javed Miandad came up with a controversial statement few days back.

Miandad Demands a Corrective Measure

In the Miandad Vs Imran video,Miandad revealed that Imran Kan is the reason for the present crisis in the Pakistani Cricket team. He alleged that People whom Imran Khan nominate to the top of Pakistan Cricket control board are useless. He appoints people who don’t even know the basics of Cricket. Miandad said that he was the one who helped Imran Khan to become the prime minister of Pakistan. As per his claim, he represents the common man of Pakistan. The statements were published in a video that Miandad posted in his Youtube channel.

In the video he said that he had discussed with Imran Khan regarding the issues in the Pakistan cricket team. He said that Wassim Khan who was now the in charge of Pakistan Cricket Board will loot Pakistan. His opinion is that there is no need for a foreigner to head the Cricket Board, since there are plenty of experienced resources within the country.  The common people of Pakistan should raise their voice against the present system.

The covid19 scenario and the subsequent cancellations of domestic matches has rendered many young players jobless. There are stunning talents among them. If they are not supported now, they will opt for other jobs and the country will lose such cricketing talents. Miandad concluded the video saying that Imran Kan should not forget that he was once Imran’s captain too. And not the other way round. His appeal is to rethink about the idiotic decisions already taken and to rectify them at the earliest.

IPL Matches during Covid time

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