revisit your past

Revisit your Past. Real rejuvenation is going back to your childhood

Revisit your past when time permits. It is a beautiful experience. The present is momentary and the future is just an expectation. Hence, in a sense the only reality is the past. All the experiences of the past, whether is it a pleasant one or a bad one always please us. William Hazlitt’s essay “Why Distant Objects Please” clearly explains this theory.

Think about the worst experience in you long past. When you revisit your past in the present, the experience will trigger a sense of nostalgia. A sense of liking it. A feeling to re-experience the situation. The past is really what we are. The maturity, the experience, consciousness and knowledge. All these elements can be attributed to our past. An old saying goes like this “If you don’t want to make any mistakes, don’t do anything.” A person who got involved in many activities will have lot of negative experiences. He will have lot of haters and back stabbers. If u have lot of them, trust me, you are on the right track. If your past really hurts, that means you had lot of wonderful experiences. If many people tried to ridicule you and correct you in the past, thank them because they made you realize that you are different and that you are swimming against the stream.

Once in a school, a teacher asked all the children in a primary class to explain about his family. All student wrote about their father, mother, sibling and their home. One child wrote about the universe and its beginning. He made a fantasy article. The teacher asked the kid to bring his parent the next day. The next day when his father came the teacher told the boys father. “Your child is not like the other kids. You should do something.”

The fathers reply to the teacher was, “Thank God ! My son is different” Be ready to think different and evaluate your past in a different way. Never ever compare yourself with anyone in this world. There is no one who is better than anyone in this world. Everyone is just different. Go back to your childhood and be a child always. Revisit your past. After all growing up is all about losing your innocence.

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