Finding Happiness by Staying Unattached

Finding Happiness by Staying Unattached

Finding Happiness by Staying Unattached. Those who hold high offices boast about their position and those who don’t envy others who do. If you are holding a key position in the organization, you will feel that you are the soul of that firm. That the firm will crumble if you are not there. The reality is that it doesn’t work that way. Our ego makes us think that we are the centre of the Universe. This thought is the key for depression in many people. When you have such an inflated ego or self-esteem, any injury caused to that ego will ruin your personality. The best strategy is to stay unattached to praises and humiliations

The Art of Staying Unattached

Too much attachment to anything will lead to sorrow. If you are attached to wealth a minor loss of money will crumble you. The same is the case with family, positions, achievements and anything that is materialistic. Completing one’s duties and responsibilities without being attached too much to it is the brightest way to do things. This is what Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavath Gita.

Staying Unattached is not Staying Inactive

It’s much easier Finding Happiness by Staying Unattached. Many people confuse the concept of Attachment to that of being Inactive. The reality is that a very active person in his family and professional life can be a person who is completely unattached. It is the attitude that matters and not the actions. When you put your best into any day today activities without expecting people to appreciate you is a good example. When you do something for appreciation, you will be disappointed when you don’t get it. Do something for the pleasure of doing it and forget the results and appreciations.

The advantage of developing this approach of Unattached Karma is that you won’t feel disappointed when no one appreciates. A bigger advantage is that, you won’t get hurt when someone gossips on you or badmouth on you. You remain the same “You” whatever others say. It is bit difficult to achieve this level. But it is not impossible. The reality is that nature has its own ways to teach us all these concepts but we people seldom give years.

The “You” in different points of Time is different.

We all have experienced this identity crisis at any point of our lives. I would like to recollect a recent experience. I was working as a Division head in an IT company till 2014. When I quit, I was heading my division. I had employees under me and my word had immense power in the organization. After many years recently I had to visit my earlier company for a document. I walked in and being Covid time, the company was working on limited number of employees. Most of the staff were working from home. As I walked in, I felt I was traveling through time.

But suddenly I got an unexpected question from the front office executive. She asked “Sir the office is not fully functional. May I know who you are?” Oh my god! Every inch of the office was once mine. I owned the place once. And now someone is asking me who I am there. I explained everything and she asked me to wait inn the lobby. After several minutes I was called by an officer and I entered his cabin. I waited there and I could see myself as a ghost of the real me from the past.

I started thinking who might be the real me. The one in the past or the one in the present. Both don’t know each other. The moment you live in is the reality. Never boast about something that you have and never expect to be someone else. The one you might be envying might be already envying you.

Re-Visit your Past

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