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Will Pinarayi Vijayan Win a Second Term?

Will Pinarayi Vijayan Win a second term in Kerala? All the mainstream Media houses have come up with exit polls on the Assembly elections happening in  different states. However most of the Exit polls predict a clear majority for the present CPM led Pinarayi Vijayan Government in Kerala

Despite the high level of allegations by the chief opposition, Congress as well as the BJP, the government is predicted to have a comfortable majority.The gold smuggling case, drug trafficking case, and even the appointments of relatives of Many ministers, MLAs and  CPM leaders have triggered widespread anguish among the public. However it is an irony that none of those issues are reflected in the voting pattern as seen in the exit Poll surveys. The higher education minister KT Jaleel even had to resign after being convicted by the Lok Aayukta upon finding evidence for showing favoritism in government appointments and thus breaking the clauses of the oath of office as the MLA and as the Minister.

Credibility of Exit Polls!

How credible are the Exit Polls? The reality is that Exit polls cannot be considered as perfect. Many exit poll surveys conducted during earlier elections were completely against reality. Anyway, Kerala needs to wait for 2 more days to get the final picture

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