Life Mission Project not Legal

Life Mission Project not Legal. Centre Inquires

Life Mission Project not Legal. Centre asks for Explanation. The doubtful Life Mission project by the Kerala state government is once again in news. However, the central foreign affairs ministry has decided to ask for an explanation about sanctioning the project, sources said. After that, the foreign affairs Ministry has said that the Red Crescent is a party in the project. They are an agency representing the UAE Government itself.  Earlier the Kerala Government pleaded that Red Crescent was a volunteer organization involved in charity. The central foreign affairs ministry has fully rejected this claim.

In addition, experts say that this will land the Kerala Government in deep trouble. It is now clear with the centre stamping the Life Mission Project not Legal. Moreover, the State government is facing allegations on helping the gold smuggling gang. Above all, the key members in the gold smuggling gang are closely related to key persons in the government. Top level secretaries are also involved in the case. Cabinet Minister KT Jaleel is also connected with the gold smuggling group. The new step by the foreign affairs ministry in the Life Mission scam will trap the Kerala State Government further.

Life Mission Project Not Legal. State Violated Diplomatic Conventions

In addition, the Central Foreign Affairs Ministry has more allegations. They have found that Kerala Government failed to handle the situation in the proper legal way. The ministry has stamped the Life Mission Project not legal. The agreement made with Red Crescent for the Life Mission Project is not as per protocol. As per the law a state cannot unilaterally take decisions in this type of situations. State government do not have the power to take such decisions. The project needed prior written consent from the foreign affairs ministry. The state government should ensure this before making an agreement with a foreign organization or government. States cannot keep diplomatic relations with other countries. The ministry pointed out that Kerala has not taken such a permission from the ministry. The agreement with the Red Crescent the Life Mission Project not Legal due to this reason.

The Ministry has decided to take action since the agreement is not in proper channel. The Centre needs details about the agreement, the situation in which agreement was made, terms of the agreement, other financial dealings etc are needed. The Ministry of external affairs have analyzed the details of the people holding positions in Red Crescent. They have found that the Red Crescent is a part of the UAE Government itself. The biggest finding is that Red Crescent don’t have any rights to operate from India. More than one agencies will do detailed inquiry in this issue. The Enforcement Directorate has also ordered an inquiry on the issue.

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