Kerala Government Moves to High Court

Kerala Government Moves to High Court to Block CBI

Kerala Government Moves to High Court to Block CBI in an unprecedented gesture. The Kerala state government is planning to approach the High Court to stop the CBI from investigating on the notorious Life mission project. The decision to approach the High Court was taken by the Cabinet. Initially Chief Minster said that the government is open to any investigating agency investigating on the case. Presently the government has taken a new stand on the Kerala Life mission case. The government will plead in the high court that the issue is between Unitac and Red Crescent, and that Kerala government has nothing to do with the Life Mission case.

The government has got a legal advice to approach the court to freeze CBI from opening the Kerala Life Mission Case. The CPI(M) and LDF has already stated that the case is politically motivated. The government’s stand is that CBI can’t investigate this case without a request from the part of either the government itself or the High Court. However, it is interesting to note that as the Kerala Government Moves to High Court, the government is desperate to avoid CBI from investigating the Life Mission case. Political observers feel that the government has so many things to hide and that justifies their desperation to avoid CBI.

Kerala Government Moves to High Court. CBI is in the Scene due to FCRI Act

CBI is investigating the case under the FCRI Act (Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, section 35 and relevant section that relates to Criminal Conspiracy in the IPC. Receiving foreign contributions violating the Act is a grave offence punishable up to 5 years of imprisonment and fine. As the CBI started investigating, the stage government identified that top Government officials will come under the purview of the investigation. The government decided to approach the court in this situation. Earlier there were rumors that the government might even venture in to drafting an Ordinance to prevent CBI from investigating the Life Mission Case.

The government is well aware that CBI summoning officials for their statement will be a political defeat for the government. There are chances that even ministers might be asked to give their statements. The Higher education minister was already summoned by the Enforcement Directorate to take his statements in the gold smuggling case.

It is a fact that the controversies relating to the Life mission case has again tarnished the already rotten image of the LDF government. The credibility of the government is now under suspicion, as all the leading investigating agencies of the country are interrogating government officials and even ministers in Kerala, in relation to cases of high importance. Most of the cases are of extreme grave nature that could even affect national safety and integrity.

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