Kerala fails with Covid19

Kerala fails with Covid19. Will Pinarayi Vijayan Resign?

The Kerala Government fails with Covid19. Earlier the state had boasted to be the state handling Covid19 in the best way possible. However latest trends show that the state is losing its control in managing Covid19 with 1103 cases being reported on 25th July 2020. The Heath Minister KK Shailaga was also in the headlines earlier on her efforts in controlling the pandemic. However, as the number of cases increased, the health minister is silent too.

The opposition parties accused that the Kerala Government fails miserably to control Covid19. They also alleged that the government is using the Covid19 Pandemic scenario for political gains. The government has earlier initiated a facelift PR campaign by eructing paid hoardings of the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in many foreign countries and highlighting it as a foreign recognition to the government. The government also boasted about a report that appeared in BBC stating that Kerala government is proactive in controlling covid19. But last week, the same BBC published another article that stated that Kerala government is inefficient in managing the pandemic and that the pseudo image that they created was the reason for the setback. The current gold scam allegations against the Pinarayi government is also negatively affecting the government’s focus on controlling the Pandemic.

 Many ministers including the Chief minister are under a Damocles ‘sword in the gold smuggling scam case currently being investigated by the NIA. In the mean time the opposition parties have demented for a resignation from the Chief minister. The total death toll in Kerala now reached 60. Thiruvananthapuram district is worst affected with 240 covid19 cases reported today itself. Community spreading is also suspected in the state with more and more cases from unsolicited origins are reported every day.  

Yet another report from Palakkad states that Covid Patients are being admitted to trauma care ICU in Palakkad District hospital. A lady named Anjali who was in quarantine was admitted to the trauma care ICU earlier and she was later tested positive for Covid19. Many Covid negative patients were already in the same ICU. The ICU that uses Air-conditioning systems had four non Covid patients admitted for various other ailments. The UN official Murali Thummarakkudi has stated that the next 28 days are critical for Kerala in terms of spread of Covid19. However, the government system is not functioning at par with the expectations. Nevertheless, to say, the ministers are much more concerned about whitewashing the Party’s image in the gold smuggling scam case.

Covid19 situation in Kerala out of control

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