Kerala Floods

Flood in Kerala in 2020. Heavy Rain In Kerala

Heavy rains continue in Kerala as most districts are getting Flooded

2 more days of Heavy Rainfall will result in a Flood in Kerala in 2020 similar to the one in 2018

Flood in Kerala in 2020. As predicted earlier, a massive low pressure belt has triggered yet another flood in Kerala in 2020. It is now a continuous occurrence, that flash floods and heavy rains disrupt normal life in Kerala during the monsoon season every year. In many parts of Kerala, it is continuously raining from the 28th of July. Today on 8th of August, the Mullapperiyar dams is reaching the maximum capacity. The catchment area of the dam is already experiencing heavy rainfall.

Kerala has requested Tamilnadu government to open shutters of the dam and to let the water flow to the Vaiga dam. All district administration are on high alert. People are worried about another flood in the coming august. The low-lying areas of Ernakulam district are already affected by the heavy down pour continuing for a couple of days. Many low-lying areas are already flooded.

The flood situation is getting more serious in Kerala, as the other major and minor dams are getting filled and the rain is still continuing. In yet another development, last day a massive landslide in Rajamalai of Munnar claimed 16 lives. It seems that the flood in Kerala that we witnessed in 2018 is repeating. It is now almost sure that there will be a flood in Kerala in 2020 as it happened in 2018. As per the predictions by Tamilnadu weatherman, Pradeep John, there are high chances for flood in Kerala in 2020 as it happened in 2018 and 2019.

He has predicted that the cloud movements and the pattern of monsoon winds in the Arabian sea all points to the chances of a reaping nature of the floods in 2018 and in 2019. The present situation of Kerala and the extreme heavy volume of rainfall for the last several days all point towards the chances of an upcoming heavy Flood in Kerala in 2020. Red Alert has been declared in the badly affected districts. Many low lying areas of Pathanamthitta district is already flooded and people are getting evacuated If a few more dams are opened the situation will be much worse. The shutters of Bhoothathankettu dam is already open.

The extreme flood that Kerala witnessed in 2018 was the worst in the history of the state. Kerala is not fully rehabilitated after the loss incurred in the 2018 floods. Many people are now worried about another similar Flood in Kerala in 2020. If a similar situation emerges, the state is sure to witness another catastrophe. The Covid19 Pandemic will also make it difficult to rehabilitate the affected people in rescue camps. Social distancing and proper sanitation might be a challenge in case people are to be rehabilitated in rescue camps.

Shutters of Cheruthoni dam, Idukki opened in 2018. Idikki Arch Dam in background

The Kerala state disaster management authority has already started measures to manage the expected heavy downpour from August 4th to 6th. The newly formed low-pressure belt in the Bay of Bengal is expected to get intensified in a few days’ time. However, the change in wind direction might either intensify or weaken the cloud system.

If there is a flood in Kerala in 2020, there will be a much more extreme financial and socio-cultural impact. In 2018 during the Jumbo Flood, the Kerala Government collected money from all the available sources. The notorious salary challenge among government employees was implemented for the first time. All the state governement employees were stripped off their one month salary and those who didn’t contributed the amount were ridiculed publicly by the ministers.

Pinarayi Viyayan Keralas worst CM
Pinarayi Vijayan

After intervention by the court the government was forced to withdraw from compulsorily deducting one month salary of all employees. Recently during the Covid19 Pandemic lockdown, the government again came up with the same strategy. This time they framed it as a loan, whereby one month salary is kept on hold and may be payed to the employees at a later point of time. The saddest part of the story is that, even after collecting money from all available sources, many people who lost lives and property are still in suffering and many of them did not even get the basic financial help from the government.

The question now is what will this bankrupt government do if we need to face another Flood in Kerala in 2020. The government is already holding a begging bowl and what should layman expect from such a bankrupt government in such tough times. The government and the Chief minister Pinarayi himself is facing serious allegations in the gold smuggling case.

In the meantime, many parts of Ernakulam district and Thiruvananthapuram district are already affected with flash floods. An orange alert warning is issued for 6 districts. In Kochi, areas including MG Road, Thoppumpady, Edakochi, Palluruthy are now flooded. Maradu, Palluruthy and Perumpadappu region are also affected. Many parts of Kottayam as well as Alappuzha district also witnessed heavy floods. The District collector of Pathanamthitta district has informed that the shutters of Manimalayar and Kakkattar dams might be opened to regulate flood. People who stay on the banks of these rivers need to be cautious. Already shutters are open for dams including Bhoothathankettu, Siruvaami, Malankara, Pazhassi, Kuttiyadi, Karappuzha and Moolathara dams. A minor landslip at a railway tunnel near to Chingavanam in Kottayam district disrupted rail transport in Kottayam district.

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