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Covid19 Situation In Kerala pathetic

Covid19 Situation In Kerala : Reality is Different, says Sanal Kumar Sasidharan
Thiruvananthapuram : When the state government is eager to highlight the ‘Kerala Model’ steps taken to control the Covid 19 Pandemic, Disturbing stories are sprouting from different nook and corners. The allegations are pointing towards the fact that the treatment facilities currently available are way too less.

Mr. Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, a prominent movie director shared his experiences at a Covid19 Out patient counter at Thiruvananthapuram General Hospital. He was forced to wait for hours at the hospital. About 30-35 people who were supposed to be Covid19 prospective cases were waiting under a temporary tarpaulin shed. All of them were sitting together, thus increasing the chances of non Covid 19 positive patients getting the infection from positive patients. He said people could be seen sneezing and spitting. In his opinion the strategies adopted by the govenment to manage Covid19 Situation In Kerala is pathetic. Even if it is an ordinary viral fever, waiting together in such unhygienic conditions will case the infection to spread. He said that even though Kerala is considered to be handling the situation well, his personal experience says a different story altogether.

The facebook post by the Director clearly implies that reality is far different than the polished press releases that are signed and sent. He concludes saying that if this scenario persists, the state should be prepared to face the worst scenario ever.

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