Bineesh Kodiyeri Linked with Drug Case

Bineesh Kodiyeri Linked with Drug Case

Bineesh Kodiyeri Linked with Drug Case suspect trigger debate in Kerala Politics. Allegation is that, Bineesh Kodiyeri has involvement in the drug trafficking case. Bineesh Kodiyeri is the CPI(M)General Secretary, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s younger son. Bineesh Kodiyeri is a very close friend of the prime suspect caught on drug trafficking charges in Bangalore. PK Firoz, the Muslim Youth League State General Secretary, alleged against Bineesh in a press meet.

Moreover, PK Firoz alleged that Bineesh Kodiyeri is a very close friend of the suspect caught in drug trafficking case. In conclusion, Firoz said that Anoop Muhammad the prime suspect interrogated by the police in a drug trafficking case is very close to Bineesh Kodiyeri. Both of them also have financial dealings. Anoop Mohammad said in his statement that he had borrowed 6 lakh rupees from Bineesh Kodiyeri for business dealings.

Firoz said that the telephone calls history of Anoop Muhammad on 10th July should be examined closely. The date is important in another angle too. Swapna Suresh the suspect of the Diplomatic baggage Gold Smuggling case was caught by the NIA from Bangalore on 10th July too. PK Firoz stated that the relationship with Swapna Suresh is clear from Anoop Muhammad’s statement itself. Anoop Muhammad also has connection with Rameez, another suspect in the gold smuggling case. When Swapna Suresh was abscounting, many leaders from the opposition expressed their concerns. They said that she might be getting support from the CPI(M) and the government to escape from Kerala. The present revelation gives fuel to the theory.

Bineesh Kodiyeri Linked with Drug Case

Firstly, Anoop Muhammad was arrested at Bangalore by the Narcotic Bureau. Secondly, Anoop Muhammad’s and Rijesh Raveendran’s statement given to the Narcotic Bureau has Bineesh Kodiyeri’s name in it. Moreover, they say that Bineesh Kodiyeri funded for their restaurant project. therefore, the statement is recorded in the remand report too. PK Firoz also alleged that Bineesh Kodiyeri took part in the drug Night party at Kumarakom on June 19th.

However, the biggest allegation is that Bineesh Kodiyeri called Anoop Muhammad the prime suspect in Drug case for about 26 times on 10th July alone. The NIA took Swapna Suresh in custody from Bangalore on the same day. secondly, Many Movie stars are also alleged to be involved in the case.

CPI(M) led Kerala Government had already tarnished its image to a very high extend. The Gold smuggling case has affected the government’s credibility. Even the Chief Minister is under suspicion.  Serious allegations against the CPI(M) party secretary’s son Bineesh Kodiyeri will further ruin the credibility of CPI(M) in Kerala. The allegations are pointing towards serious crimes like smuggling and drug trafficking. Earlier Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s elder son faced allegations from a lady who claimed to be his illicit wife. The lady who claims to have a son born to Binoy Kodiyeri has filed a complaint in the court to reinstate her rights as Binoy’s wife. The Court ordered a DNA test to prove the paternity of the alleged son of Binoy Kodiyeri. The case is still in court.

The Crisis within CPI(M)

It is almost sure that the CPI(M) in Kerala is traveling in the same route of their Big brother. The CPI(M) of Bengal was once in the same route which ended in disaster. In democracy people have their full authority. When corruption and favoritism rule the leaders and the political party they represent, people will take control and show their real power. India witnessed this happen in West Bengal. The same scenario is sure to demonstrate in Kerala too.

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