Assembly Elections : Kerala to Vote for a Change

Assembly Elections : Kerala to Vote for a Change

As the Assembly elections are declared in Kerala, political experts are looking forward to a drastic wave of change in Kerala politics. The political history of Kerala predicts that there will be a power change after this Assembly election.The anti incumbency factor in Kerala is always on the high and the people of Kerala always prefer to vote for a change. The present political situation in Kerala will also trigger the anti incumbency factor. The reality is that the people of Kerala badly wish for a change in governance due to several reasons.

BJP to become a major player in Kerala

Till the last assembly elections, BJP was a negligible factor in Kerala. The political equations were between the Communist party led LDF and the Congress led UDF coalition. However many factors during the last five years in Kerala gave a drastic growth for BJP in the state. The party earlier predicted to gain several Assembly seats in Kerala. However the game changed completely as E Sreedharan, the Metro Man joined BJP. E Sreedharan is an embodiment of Corruption free bureaucracy and hence he has wide acceptance in comparison to the corrupt politicians of the left and right wing parties. The BJP has declared E Sreedharan as the Chief minister candidate too. The BJP which had just two assembly seats in Tripura captured power there in the last assembly elections there. If E Sreedharan makes a wave of change in the political scenario of Kerala he might swear in as the first NDA Chief minister of Kerala. 

Even though the LDF and UDF are publicly ruling out any probability for the BJP to come into power they are panicked from within. This is evident from their confusion in deciding a candidate at the Nemom constituency of Thiruvananthapuram. Names of Oomman Chandy and Sashi Tharoor are being heard as the Congress consider it as their prestige issue to win the Nemom constituency.

People fed up with the LDF Government

This Assembly election is a do or die game for the present Communist led LDF government. The allegations against the Pinarayi Vijayan led LDFgovernment are multifold. The CPI(M) Party secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s son is still in Jail in relation to a drug case. His wife Vinodini Balakrishnan is summoned by the Customs in relation to a gold smuggling case. The chief suspect of the Thiruvananthapuram gold smuggling case has given a 164 statement against the Chief Minister himself that he has direct involvement in the gold smuggling case. The Spear is also being questioned in relation to the Gold Smuggling case. Despite all these there are numerous allegations of corruption and misappropriations that makes this government notorious.

Will Sabarimala Issue Backfire

The Women entry issue at Sabarimala Temple is a black mark on the LDF governance. The stand that the communist Government took against believers hurt the feelings of Hindu believers. The furious Hindu groups voted against the government during the last Lok Sabha elections and the LDF miserably failed ending with a 19:1 tally out of the 20 Lok Sabha seats in Kerala. The Communist agenda is to degenerate Hindu beliefs and culture. The same agenda was evident from the affidavit that the government filed with the supreme court. Many leaders of the LDF government including the Chief Minister himself made provocative statements that questioned the integrity of Hindus and those who believe in Lord Ayyappa. The Christian groups are also highly dissatisfied and the recent agreement on deep sea fishing that the government made with a  Multinational company will affect the fishing communities who are predominantly christian. 

It is sure that the people of Kerala are eagerly looking forward to a change and trends show that the state of Kerala is also on the move with the Indian Mainland. The people are aware that the LDF government was exploiting them during the last five years and this election result will be a blow on the face of the LDF agenda.

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