India Bans 118 Chinese Apps

India Bans 118 Chinese Apps including PUBG

India Bans 118 Chinese Apps including PUBG. The digital war between India and China is intensifying as India decides to ban 118 more Chinese apps including PUBG. This step is in retaliation to the Chinese provocation in Ladakh sector. The Chinese army has been deploying forces in Ladakh and claiming land under India’s control. PUBG is one of the favorite gaming apps widely used by Indian youth. The ban is imposed using the provisions of the Information Technology Act 69(A).

The information about the ban was published by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. PUBG has about 50 million registered players in India. Every day, about 13 million users play using the app. The statement by the ministry clearly states that the ban is to ensure integrity, sovereignty, and safety of the nation and its people. There are several complains that many Chinese apps are misusing personal data collected using android and IOS apps. This might even become a threat to the defense system of the nation. Hence, the decision will also benefit the interest of millions of internet users all over India, the statement said.

India Bans 118 Chinese Apps. Long term effects of the Ban

Earlier India had already banned 53 apps including the most popular Tik Tok. As India Bans 118 Chinese Apps, this has already given China a strong message. However, when provocation continued, India decided to impose much more heavy sanction in the form of App Ban. This time the government also made it clear that the central Cyber Crime Centre has also suggested to ban the Chinese apps. The government statement also clarified that the public opinion also supports the ban of vulnerable Chinese mobile apps that makes internet insecure.

As India Bans 118 Chinese Apps, many international relations experts consider this step to be a heavy blow from India to the Chinese regime. It is a digital surgical strike against China. The ban will have long term impact on Chinese economy which is highly dependent on digital commodity and software commodity export to India. Many experts have commented that even though the immediate impact of the ban will seem to be negligible for china, it will be a big blow on a long term.

How may China Retaliate

Since Indian companies operating from china is very minimal, China don’t have a scope of retaliation in the same coin. The app ban will also give a strong message that such bans can go to any extent if China continue their age-old tactics of dual faced diplomacy. A complete ban for Chinese goods and services from the India side will devastate the Chinese export economy. Secondly, the Communist China’s diplomatic relation with most of the neighboring countries and the US is pathetic. The world observes Communist china as an autocrat led nation ruled by an iron fist. This image will further weaken their diplomatic relationship with the rest of the world.

Government of India Bans 59 Chinese Apps

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