Farmers Protest Turns out to be Khalistan Terrorism

Farmers Protest Turns out to be Khalistan Terrorism

Farmers Protest Turns out to be Khalistan Terrorism. The Tractor rally by the so-called protesting farmers in Delhi turned out to be a violent demonstration on the Republic Day. The so called farmers are now predominantly anti-national forces who are keen to deteriorate the integrity of the country. The mob shouting pro Khalistan slogans were also carrying Khalistan and Sikh flags with them. The mob stormed into the Red Fort and Placed the Khalistan flag on the Red Fort.

As the Farmers Protest Turns out to be Khalistan Terrorism, many violent demonstrations were seen in different part of Delhi and many rioters and police personnels were injured. One rioter was killed as the tractor he was using crashed on the barricade. Many mainstream media reported that he was shot by the police, however the clear CCTV footage was later released, which shows the eccentric rioter crashing on to the barricade on a tractor.

With today’s events it is now clear that the glorified Farmers Protest is nothing but an anti-India, pro Pakistan agitation, most probably funded by the terrorist forces outside India. It is now clear that the Farmers Protest Turns out to be Khalistan Terrorism. The central Government has stated that strict action will be taken against the rioters and they won’t get any kind of mercy from the Government’s side. As the real face of the Rioters with a terrorist outlook is now in the limelight, the Congress and the Left parties are struggling to justify their stand. Senior Congress leader Sashi Tharoor stated that he will not support such acts of atrocity demonstrated at the Red Fort on the Republic Day. Earlier when the Supreme Court enquired about the Government’s stand on the Tractor Rally on the Republic Day, the Government has stated that terrorist organizations have already infiltrated into the protest disguised as protesting farmers.

What Next? How will the Government Handle the Situation?

It is definite that the Government will not take the situation in a light manner. In fact the government was waiting to expose the real intention of the Khalistan Terrorists disguised as farmers. The violent riots and the atrocities at the Red Fort has given evidence to the Government’s claim. Hence the government can take much stronger action against the rioters from now on with higher level of confidence. Even the court will have limitations to intervene in the present situation. Recent reports are that the intelligence agencies have already spotted the key persons behind the organized riot. Internet services have been temporarily stopped in many parts of Delhi. Telecommunication networks are also jammed. All these point to the fact that the Government has clear cut plans to retaliate at the terrorists and to nab them at the earliest. No further negotiations are needed too as the protest took a violent turn. Even though the leaders have stated that the rioters are not their men, they cant have a clean chit until they prove that they are not directly involved in the illicit actions that took place today. The BJP leadership has already raised the demand that the leftists , the communists and the Congress which supported the Pseudo Farmers Protest should un-conditionally apologize for supporting such an anti national movement.

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