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Tension at Lipulekh Pass.China Deploy 1000 Soldiers.

Tension at Lipulekh Pass is mounting as China deploy soldiers at the Lipulekh Pass area of Uttarakhand state. The border tension with china which was eased to an extend is getting escalated once again. This region outside of the Ladakh sector witnessed massive Chinese troop movements in the previous weeks.

The earlier standoff by both the troops in the East Ladakh region had already mounted tension earlier. This time, Tension at Lipulekh Pass as the troops are deployed in high numbers at the region. Top military sources have also reported that troop movements by the PLA is happening in Arunachal Pradesh and borders of North Sikkim along with tension at Lipulekh Pass. The Lipulekh Pass area comes enroure the Kailash Mansarovar yatra route. Earlier India had constructed an 80-kilometre-long road in the Himalayan pass to facilitate Kailash manasarovar yatra.

It is after this construction that the China Deploy Soldiers at Lipulekh Pass. Nepal had raised objections against this action. The nomadic inhabitants on the indo-tibetan boarder use Lipulekh Pass to do barter trade during the months of June to October.   As per the information from high military officials, as many as 1000 PLA soldiers are now deployed at Lipulekh Pass area. They are positioned at a distance from the India – China border. The Army officials consider this as a signal that the Chinese troops are prepared for a conflict and a military operation.

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