Are Covid Vaccines Safe?

Are Covid Vaccines Safe? How safe are Covid Vaccines?

Are Covid Vaccines safe? Many people are asking this question as 2 Covid Vaccines are approved in India. The primary approving agency for newly introduced drugs in India, The Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has given final approval for two separate Covid vaccines in India. One of the vaccines introduced now was developed by the Serum Institute of India and the other one by the Bharat Biotech. Both these vaccines will be soon available through government channels for public use in the country. 

Out of the 2 Covid Vaccines Approved in India, the Covid vaccine developed by the Serum Institute of India (SII), is named Covishield but Are Covid Vaccines safe? This vaccine is an Indian version of the AZD1222 series vaccine which was developed by the Oxford University in collaboration with AstraZeneca. Reports from credible sources state that almost 80 million doses of this Covishield vaccine is already in stock. This gives a positive sign and the availability of this vaccine will be pretty easy for the needed categories. The second variant of the covid vaccine named as Covaxin is a product from the Hyderabad based Bharath Biotech. This organization has earlier collaborated with the prestigious Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) to develop the Covaxin. 

Are Covid Vaccines safe?

The reality is that the vaccines set to be launched in India is highly safe in comparison to the European counterparts. These vaccines are tested with a comparatively bigger sample than the European vaccine manufactures. Very few complications and reactions are reported from the volunteers who accepted the initial dose of vaccines. However the opposition in India is busy with a propaganda against the vaccines as they feel that the successful launch of the vaccine in India will further brighten the image of the Narendra Modi Government. The Union Government has also announced that the vaccine will be completely free of cost for people all over India and that the central government will be paying for the vaccine. Even after all the clarifications from the medical experts there are people who still worry and think, Are Covid Vaccines safe?

India’s Covid vaccine is Fully Safe

The Drug Controller General of India, Mr.VG Somani has stated beyond doubt that rigorous tests and sample studies has been conducted for the Covidshield as well as Covaxin covid vaccines. He said that the biggest question coming from every corner is that Are Covid Vaccines safe? However he said that both the vaccines are 110% safe to be used. Covishield is proven to be 70% effective in preventing Covid19 virus and Covaxin is tested and verified to improve the virus immune system drastically. However just for any vaccination, mild fever, minor allergic reactions etc might be evident in certain recipients. This is very natural and is the response by the immune system towards the vaccine.

The administration of the Covid vaccine developed by Pfizer BioNTech has already started in the US and the UK. In the west also people are asking the question, Are Covid Vaccines safe? The process of making the vaccine available was made a fast process in the UK and the US. In India also the system and process for distribution of the vaccine is progressing at a fast pace. In the first level about 3 crore people will get vaccinated. The front-line workers against Covid were, the healthcare workers and other front line warriors will receive the vaccine first. The Union minister for health Sri. Harsh Vardhan has already declared that the vaccine will be made available in India fully free of cost. The entire cost of the vaccine will be taken care of by the central government itself. As per the latest information, both the vaccines will have a 2 dose immunization pattern. Hence 2 doses of the vaccine is needed within the prescribed time span. 

It is indeed a matter of pride that India is able to start the vaccination process along with the developed countries like the US and the UK. The opposition were continuously mocking the government saying that the vaccines won’t be available even by the end of 2021. However the proactive efforts by the Narendra Modi government ensured that vaccination starts in India along with the first world countries.

Covid Vaccine in India

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