Kariveppila for Healthy Hair

Kariveppila for Healthy Hair. Curry Leaves Benefits

Kariveppila for Healthy Hair is a buzz word for many who believe in natural remedies for cosmetic issues. Kariveppu or Curry Tree (Murraya Koenigii) is a tropical plant with leaves having aromatic properties. However, in malayalam, the leaves are Kariveppila or Curry Leaves. It is an aromatic add on for most Indian dishes. In Kerala this tree is Kariveppu. The leaf has high medicinal properties too. Therefore, grounded leaves of Kariveppu, the Kariveppila is mixed with buttermilk as a medicine for indigestion. Moreover, Kariveppila is an excellent medicine to treat hair fall issues.

Kariveppila is used for its cosmetic properties all over south India. Despite being a household plant, many people are ignorant about the medicinal property of Kariveppila. Kariveppila will become your best friend, if you are facing issues with taking care of your hair. Firstly, there are many components in Kariveppila that helps hair growth. Kariveppila also has many natural pigments that helps you regain a healthy scalp. As we all know, healthy scalp is needed for effective hair growth.However, the major hair maintenance issue is hair fall. Firstly, hair fall is often triggered by poor maintenance of hair, and letting the air remaining wet for long after a bath. Secondly, often this is unavoidable for people who go on work or to schools and colleges.

Kariveppila for Healthy Hair

Other major hair issues are hair with split ends, broken hair, poor density for hair and so on. All these are caused by undernourishment for hair. Kariveppila of Curry tree leaves have several components that boosts hair growth and reduces hair health issues. If you have a Kariveppu (Curry Tree) at your home forget about all such hair related issues. From now on, there is no need to apply hair products that might contain harsh chemicals.

How to make Hair Oil from Kariveppila

Just get a bunch of Kariveppila and all your hair related issues ends there. Most Ayurvedic Doctors recommend treatment using Kariveppila for Healthy Hair maintenance. A simple nutritious hair oil can be made from Kariveppila for Healthy Hair. Firstly, take approximately 100 ml of coconut oil. Secondly, put the oil in a pan and keep it on the stove on low flame for about 3-4 minutes. When the oil is really warm, add the handful of Kariveppila leaves to it and keep the flame very low for few more minutes. However, don’t let the leaves burn off. When the leaves are fried but not burned and still having its green color, you will get a sweet aroma. Switch off the flame when the oil turns green in color. Finally, let the leaves remain in the oil for several hours.

Once the oil is cool, stain away the leaves and keep the oil in an airtight bottle. Your Kariveppila hair oil is ready. Apply this oil on the hair and scalp before bath, at least twice a week for best results. If you face severe hair problems, you can make a paste of Kariveppila leaves and apply it directly on our hair too. After application. Let it remain on the hair for about 15 minutes and then wash off.

People use Kariveppila for Healthy Hair due to many proven reasons. Kariveppila is rich in Beta Carotene, which is an active component for hair growth. Kariveppila also has components that have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial property. This will aid good health of scalp and hence good hair growth. Treatment using Kariveppila also offer glow for the hair. The anti-fungal properties of Kariveppila makes it an effective remedy for Dandruff. Dandruff is in fact a fungal growth on the scalp.

Benefits of a Kariveppu in your Backyard

It is also a good practice to eat Kariveppila in dishes. Normally we remove Kariveppila before consuming the dish. Eat few Kariveppila leaves in raw form too. There are many medicinal plants around us which we seldom use. Many people who live in flats and small apartment complain that they don’t have land to maintain a Kariveppu. A small balcony is enough to harvest the Kariveppila you need. Just keep a potted Kariveppu plant or a grow bag can also be used. You will have enough supply for you tasty dishes and for you healthy hair.

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