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Variam Kunnan: A Pseudo-liberal effort to glorify the Hindu Genocide of 1921

“Hindu Genocide of 1921 : The sizzling crimes done by the Mapillas in North Kerala against the poor and law bearing Hindus were extreme. In the entire region of South India, a feeling of horror and unrest had initiated among the Hindu population in all aspects. This was intensified when certain Khilafat leaders were so misguided as to pass resolutions of congratulations to the Moplas on the brave fight they were conducting for the sake of religion”. – Dr.B.R Ambedkar

“Malabar riots has taught us what Islamic rule means, and we never again want to see yet another specimen of the Khilafat Raj in India. Mr. Gandhi, why he is not feeling a speck of sympathy for thousands of women left with only rags, abducted from home, for little kids born of the flying mothers on roads in refugee camps? The misery of the Hindu is beyond description.” –  Annie Basant

The Congress is in all ways convinced that the Moplah disturbance of Malabar was not due to the Non-Co-operation or the Khilafat movement – Ahmedabad session of the Indian National Congress- Dec 1921

After Ashiq Abu- Prithviraj team announced the Malayalam movie, Variam Kunnan, has triggered high level of polarization in Kerala. The announcement of the movie has set the scene for a major provocation and has stabbed deep inside old wounds. The movie in plan is a biopic on the controversial leader of the Malabar Riot of 1921, Variyan Kunnath Kunjahammed Haji, the radical Islamic fanatic who played a pivotal role in the 1921 mass Hindu genocide in the Malabar region of Kerala. The movie Variam Kunnan is set to be directed by Ashiq Abu, a self-declared communist Jihadi. The lead role of Kunjhammad Haji will be enacted by Prithviraj.

The script for the movie is written by Ramees Mohammed whose ideology seems to be to rewrite the bloody history of Islamic aggression and Hindu genocide in 1921 that film want to depict. The Hindu minds of Kerala are very much aware that the Mappila Rebellion of 1921 was a brutal Hindu genocide act by the Muslim fanatics. This was later whitewashed and presented even in textbooks as part of the Indian freedom movement. Statements made by BR Ambedkar, Annie Basant and even the Indian National congress compliments this. A brisk vie of the wiki page will give anyone an insight regarding the brutal Genocide.

It is in this background that the Ashik Abu team is preparing a movie Variam Kunnan glorifying the genocide. History is at times dirty and stinging. It is always better to coverup such shameful history. The newly announced movie Variam Kunnan will stab deep in to the wounds of the already infected Hindu sentiments.

Even during the demonstrations against CAA and NRC in the Malabar region, many radical Islamic groups including Jamat-e-Islami and Popular Front of India have been employing 1921 genocide memories and references to scare and instil fear among Hindus. This has already annoyed the Hindu organizations. A slogan that resonated in the recent protest against the CAA in the Malappuram and adjacent North-Kerala towns was: “We the Muslims have not dumped the Malabar sword that we earlier used in 1921.” This slogan is surely a threat to all the Hindus, who are on the way of fast becoming a religious minority in Kerala. Even though a case was registered against few of the rioters, no further progress was seen in the case.

The Hindu genocide of 1921

Here is a brief account of the Hindu Genocide of 1911. As per genuine historical records, Kunjahammed Haji was a notorious Khilafat fighter who temporarily established his own Caliphate for a few days in the Malabar region of Pre-independent India. He led the genocide against Hindus, involved in armed loot, abductions and forcible religious conversions.  

Even the topic of Khilafat Movement which started in 1921 is a controversial one. Gandhiji initially promoted it hoping to make it an icon to attain Hindu-Muslim brotherhood. However, the radical Muslims of the Malabar region executed genocide on Hindu community, brutally killing thousands of men, women and even children. Hundreds of Hindu women were kidnapped and gang raped by Muslim men and were forcibly converted to Islam. Thousands of Hindu men were converted and people who were not willing to convert to Islam were forced to face terrific brutalities and were killed. As per available records, an estimated 5 lakh or above Hindus were forced to either flee the affected areas to save their own lives and the lives of their dear and near ones. Islamic radical terrorists also burnt many Hindu houses and demolished many temples in the region.

As per a credible report that appeared in the Madras Mail (dated 4th of 1921) depicts the brutal role of Haji in the glorified communal riot. As per the report “Many recent reports clarifies that between Variankunnath Kunjahammad Haji and the Chembraasseri Thangal, it is found and decided that all the Hindus who are residing in the affected villages are now at the mercy of rebel groups. They should be put to death or else they should accept the faith of Islam. Instances are said in which the Hindus had been forced to make graves for themselves before being publicly butchered in front of there dear ones.

It is also mentioned that diabolical reprisals are often perpetrated against all people known or thought to be supplying supplies to the armed forces and the police, another report mentioned that the Chembrasseri Thangal had even given orders for a Hindu man to be flayed alive charging him with a crime of supplying  armed troops with milk. In many remote villages like Melattoor, Meelmuri, Karuvara kundu and Tuvur, mass genocide of the Hindu population is actively being systematically carried out, however young Hindu girls and women who are in favour with rebels are abducted taken away.”

Hindu Mass Murder Glorified as Independence Struggle!

A pathetic live account of a person who witnessed a brutal act demonstrates atrocities committed on Hindus says about a terrible incident where ‘a 7 months pregnant woman was brutally cut through the abdomen by a fanatic Muslim rebel and she could be seen lying dead on floor with the dead child projecting out from the womb’. “Another incident seen by an eyewitness mentions about the baby just six months old being snatched away from the mother’s breast and torn with a into pieces.”

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