Electric Plug Found in 10000 Year Rock

Electric Plug in Ancient Rock

Electric Plug in Ancient Rock. People have unearthed many mysterious objects from time immemorial. However, there are objects that common sense and scientific temperament cannot explain. What will be your logic if you unearth a 10000-year-old stone. What will you think, if you find an electrical three-pin plug embedded in a prehistoric rock. Petradox are this type of confusing, yet curious instances are commonly. There are many Petradox that exists in many parts of the world. Our common logic can’t always explain such phenomenon.

The statement above is not a fiction or a story. In 1998 an American electrical engineer, John J. Williams once went on a hiking trip to a mountain. While doing the hiking, John noticed a portion of the three-pin plug embedded in the soil. The three-pin plug suddenly stuck his attention. John found the rock at a completely uninhabited locale. as the place was so isolated from human habitation. He tried to pick up the plug. However, to his astonishment, he found that the plug was embedded deep inside a rock.

This was a shock to John and he took the rock from the site. The rock was later scientifically assessed to be 10000 years old. News soon spread about the Electric Plug Found in 10000 Year Rock. Scientists are still worried about the logic behind an Electric Plug in Ancient Rock. This Petradox is a mystery unsolved. Even many archaeologists are now researching on the mysterious Petradox rock with a three-pin-plug.

The Extra-terrestrial Explanation : Electric Plug in Ancient Rock

Many Scientists who believe in extra terrestrial life created more interesting theories to explain this Petradox. They claim that a more sophisticate human population might have existed more than 10000 years back on the same earth that we inhabit now. This Petradox was also a treat for people who believe in alien life outside earth. However, the Electric Plug in Ancient Rock is still a mystery.

Detailed studies and evaluations were carried out. Scientists have found that the plug is not artificially embedded into the rock. However, the age of the rock could not be assessed accurately as John who owns the rock denied any type of physical investigation on the rock. X-ray analysis was done on the rock and the analysis by geologists confirmed that the plug was not artificially embedded into the rock. The rock was later named by John as the Enigmalith. Bidders offered up to USD 5,00,000 for Enigmalith. But John said no to the bidders.

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