Paris, the Fashion Capital

Paris: the Fashion Capital of the World

Paris, the Fashion Capital of the world is indeed a happening City. The spirit of Paris is closely associated with fashion. Fashion is assessed both on a material as well as a symbolic level. The foremost French journal to dedicate space to fashion was Le Mercure Galant, published in 1672. This publication printed articles on an imaginary lady from the neighboring province. The picture was relating to the fashion trends of Versailles and Paris. Nevertheless, Paris, the Fashion Capital, which is also the French capital masked Versailles to become the fashion hub. It had impressions of Parisian ladies shown in the magazines for both domestic and international readers. For most of the French media, the term fashion today means Paris. Only the French version, of the Vougue, ‘Vogue Paris’ is the only one having the name of a city. There are as many as 15 top national issues of the Vogue,

French author Louise de Vilmorin says that Paris has a gifted style of continuous improvisation. Paris has got a unique style of changing women’s passion without eternally altering its esprit.

Media on Paris

The media-based discussion on la mode, is also a discussion about Paris. It also emphasizes the city’s existence as a symbolic embodiment of fashion production and new creations. Paris, the Fashion Capital use the term ‘Parisian’, recognized, like it is derived form into the fashion expression. Nevertheless, the word ‘Paris’ is not just the name of a city. However, Paris, the Fashion Capital of the world has many other dimensions.

Paris as a Synonym to Fashion and Style

The city of Paris has evolved into a fashion sign. Its worth lies in its authority to bring to mind the world of fashion. The word ‘Paris’ has now become a synonym for ‘style & ‘elegance.’ The entire world now recognizes Paris. Paris is the last word for fashion and contemporary style.

The French contemporary media, not only recognizes Paris as the seat of elegance, but also treats Paris as a one stop life solution. To be precise Paris is now one ‘Vast Shopping Mall.’ The archetypal woman of Paris is not only the exact juice of French feminine qualities, but also a higher positioned individual whose individuality rests in her Association with the Parisian territory. As per the perfumer Guerlain, the Parisian feminity ‘is the height of femininity.’ Vogue explains that ‘La Parisienne is the most beautiful mistress of haute couture’. What they mean is the prettiness aspects evoking the unmatched beauty of Parisian elegance, the exquisite classic ever charming feminine features.

La Parisienne is considered as the decisive fashionable girl mainly because Paris has been considered for ages as the eventual fashion capital of the world, and also as a feminine capital. Flaubert in his writings describes Paris as the ‘women’s paradise’ whereas Louis Octave Uzanne said in 1894 that in each class of the Parisian society, a lady is always plus femme in the city of Paris than in any other place in this world.

Paris Fashion and the Vogue

The Vogue has always attempted to define and highlight French womanhood. However, in all such rhetoric efforts one figure stands out and that is la Parisienne. The Parisian woman concepts are the best to explain fashionable femininity. This femininity concept alone exists for the Frenchness and its fashion concepts as we know it today. In Vogue, as la Parisienne is considered as the definitive French woman, she need not be ethnically French. A person can either be Parisienne by birth or at heart. Hence the term Parisian is more of a cultural term rather than an ethnic term. As Libération explains, women need not be born in the capital city of Paris to absorb the spirit of the city.

On the contrary, the Parisian women have long been gifted with a sense of creativity which is considered to be one of their core qualities. The sense of innovative fashion, clubbed with the creativity of the Women was clearly explained in the eighteenth-century fashion journal Le Cabinet des Modes. The Vogue in October 1998 clearly states that it is the capital city of Paris that gave the Parisian lady their individuality as a fashionable and creative icon. The Vogue states that the French women are extremely talented, notably racy, and splendidly classy.

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