Face Mask as a Fashion Accessory

Face Mask as a Fashion Accessory

Face Mask as a Fashion Accessory : Covid19 has changed the way people live. Mask has become a universal standard accessory. The fashion world is now taking advantage of the covid19 situation and trying to improvise face mask as a fashion accessory. The initial trend was the advent of matching face masks. Women mostly prefer matching accessories and Face masks are no exemption. They prefer to wear matching face masks made of the same material used for making the dress.

Custom Face Masks

The next level of improvement is the introduction of custom-made printed facemasks. Many studios and screen-printing centers are offering printed face mask with the face of the user printed on it. A photograph is taken and the photo is printed on the mask itself. This help people to identify you, even while wearing a mask. In most laces in Kerala such masks are available for about Rs.60.

One user of such a custom-made face mask told The India Press that even though initially it feels like a great idea, it has its own problems. He shared his experience of attending a funeral function using his custom-made mask. He noticed that people were staring at him. The reason was his custom mask which had his bright smiling face on it. The smile on the mask was not something expected in that situation.

Use a ‘Real’ Mask for real protection

Surgical masks usually have three layers and it gives moderate protection against bacterial and viral infections. However, many masks now available in the market are mask for mask sake and offer minimal protection to its users. The N95 respirator masks (N99, FFP2, N100 or FFP3) offer best protection available. However, it is being used only by healthcare professionals who work in close proximity with covid19 patients. The difficulty to breathe through them is a bigger issue. These type of advanced protection masks are not readily available and also expensive.

Reusing an N95 mask is normally not recommended. However, in acute situations where new masks are unavailable or acute shortage is there for N95 masks, they can be reused after proper sterilization. The easiest and safest way to sterilize an N95 mask is to dry the mask in air for 48 hours to 72 hours after a use. This method will ensure that the traces of any viruses on the mask will be removed within that time span. Heating the mask in an oven at 70 degree Celsius for approximately 30 minutes will also sterilize the mask.

When we discuss about this a man from Pune ordered a golden mask made of solid gold to be worn during covid19 time. As Albert Einstein truly said, Human Stupidity don’t have its limits!

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