Renaissance Art

Renaissance Art. Art as a Medium

Renaissance Art is a contribution by a number of visionary artists. Michelangelo, the world-renowned sculptor and painter of all times made the comment, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” He made the quote after completing a sculpture of an angel at the tomb of Saint Dominic. Creativity and art are all about seeing the unseen, even before exposing the final art product before the viewers.

Michelangelo and da Vinci in Renaissance Art

Michelangelo is the harbinger of the Renaissance art in Europe. He contributed many of the religious symbols which are deeply rooted in our arts. One of the well-known art symbols from Michelangelo is the fresco painting, ‘the creation of Adam’. The hand of Adam parting the hands of God has a deep imagery. It has its base profoundly rooted at high levels of spirituality.   A telecommunication giant has even adopted a part of this painting as their brand logo. Another extremely common work of art, which has become an integral part of the culture, the society, and the religion is Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper.’  Many artists have adopted the concept of the last supper. Nevertheless, there are many depictions of this painting available as of now.

Cultural Icons in Art

The above mentioned images and icons are used for centuries as cultural and religious icons because of the high level of philosophical values associated with them. The biblical situations depicted in the above said works of art are nevertheless true visualizations of the corresponding situations. In our cultural background, Jesus Christ and the Holy Father are often depicted using the medieval paintings. The society perceives anything newly introduced as artificial. It seems that these cultural icons should remain the same as it has got a deep rooted tradition behind it. There are also very recent cultural symbols that evolved as part of artistic creativity, and the best example is the costume of Santa Claus.

The imagery of Santa Claus is widely used during the Christmas season. However, drastic changes in the outfits happen every year. The outfits of the Santa Claus are a very recently adopted religious symbol that keeps on evolving. Artistic images will always play a prominent role in religion and spirituality. The cultural and religious icons perceived in the early days of one’s life will remain to be iconic and will always command genuine respect in our minds.

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