Killers Within the Family

Killers Within the Family. ASPD is a Mental Disorder

Killers Within the Family. The small state of Kerala witnessed multiple spine-freezing crimes recently that are sure to make anyone distrust even their loved ones. Many of these crimes were not done by labelled criminals, where as they are believed to be ordinary people leading a very normal family Life. What went wrong then?

The Koodathayi Series Murder Case: Jolly Joseph

The first incident in the series was by Jolly Joseph. She was arrested for a series-killing of 6 people with her husband’s family. The first victim was her mother in law, who was killed in 2002. Jolly poisoned her mother-in-law’s food with cyanide and no one doubted anything fishy in the death. Relatives and family thought about it as a natural death. Later Jolly tied the same method with her father-in-law and succeeded once again.

The second murder happened few years later. The third attempt against her own husband Roy Thomas also succeeded. Roy’s death was stamped as a suicide, as Roy had some financial problems during that time. She continued the same technique with other family members, whom she wanted to avoid. The horror in her killings are evident from the fact that her victims include a toddler, Alphine.  

Unfortunately, the police department was not able to identify any clues earlier about the deaths being murders. It was the efforts of Rijo Thomas and Renji Thomas who are the siblings of the victim Roy Thomas, that resulted in unveiling the sizzling story of series homicide. In many cases such killers within the family are never identified.

Upon interrogation, Jolly said that she did all these to lead a better life, and to grab all the assets of the family and take full control of the riches and possessions of the deceased.

The Husband who killed his wife using a Venomous Snake: Sooraj S Kumar

Another incident happened in Kollam district recently, where a youth Sooraj S. Kumar killed his own wife by forcing a venomous snake to bite her. No one realise about such Killers within the family. ASPD is a serious Mental Disorder. Sooraj had earlier attempted to do the same but failed as his wife recovered from the deadly snake bite after a month-long treatment. His criminal mentality was so intense that he used the same method to force the snake bite his own wife once again. In the second attempt, he was successful and his wife died.

His plan was to marry another girl and enjoy life with the money that he got by selling off his wife’s gold. He had also bagged a good amount of money from his wife’s family. Many people believe that this might not be the only case where killers are from within the family. there might be more unattended cases, where killers within the family escape through loopholes.

Albin Benny, the youngster who killed his own sister and poisoned his parents

This week, we heard the story of a cold-blooded murder by a 22-year-old boy. He killed his own sister by poisoning her in ice cream. He attempted to kill his parents as well. However, both of his parents had a narrow escape. The parents got discharged from the hospital last day after a week long treatment. Upon interrogation, Albin Benny said that he had tried the murder attempt earlier too. But in his first attempt the volume of poison was very less and the victims survived. Based on that experience, he increased the amount of poison in his second successful attempt. His 16-year-old sister, who consumed most of the ice cream died whereas his parents survived, as they consumed less. Albin Benny attempted this cold-blooded murder to kill everyone in his family and to get all the family property and money for himself and his girlfriend.

What make all these people to do such extreme crimes? Are they born criminals? Many people are now worried about the existence of such monsters within their own households. How can we identify, if our dear ones belong to this category? Psychologists have an answer for this question.

ASPD – Anti Social Personality Disorder, the Villain

Psychologists say that all these criminals belong to a niche category of people. They have a deviant behavior, which is called ASPD or Anti-Social personality Disorder or Sociopathy. It is a condition in which the person enjoys antisocial activities for their own personal gain. In a normal person there are thoughts and feeling of regret that haunts us when we commit even a small mistake. In people with ASPD, such feelings of regret do not exist. So, their self never feel that they are doing a crime.

The reason for ASPD is unknown. However, such behaviors don’t sprout abruptly. Researches show that bringing up of an individual has a great role in defining their personality. There are even genetic factors in it. People with minor, evident, personality disorders should be closely observed to identify and treat such disorders. Many youths who join terrorist organizations might also have such personality issues. The condition is treatable, if proper treatment and intervention is done at the appropriate time. Timely intervention by parents and teachers can also help to a great extent.

When to Doubt ASPD or Sociopathy?

There are certain behavioral patterns that might give clue to a person’s emotional equilibrium. The following are few symptoms to analyze if you doubt that a friend or relative is suffering from ASPD or Sociopathy. This will help to identify prospective killers within the family. ASPD is a serious Mental Disorder.

  • Not able to differentiate between social norms of right and wrong.
  • Constantly exploiting others and lying frequently
  • Completely disrespectful and in-affectionate behavior to close relatives
  • Doing any type of serious offenses for personal gain
  • Showing arrogance and feeling superior all the time
  • Easily get angry and hostile.
  • Abusive behavior with friends and close relatives Over usage of recreational Drugs and liquor

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