Death of Balabhaskar. Mystery to be Unveiled

Death of Balabhaskar. Mystery is all around the accident story and truth hiding even after two years of his demise in a car accident. The CBI has started investigating on the case after the local police closed the case. The family was returning after a temple visit, when the car collided on a tree in the early hours of 25th September 2018. His daughter Thejaswini Bala died on the spot and Balabhaskar died on 2nd October 2018 after undergoing multiple surgeries.

CBI Inquiry Started

The CBI has started an inquiry on the death of Balabhaskar. Many believe that it was not a natural car accident that took the life of violinist Balabhaskar and his daughter. Lie detection test was done on two former managers of Balabhaskar, his driver as well as Kalabhavan Sobi, who claims to be an eye witness to the accident. The CBI probe might unveil the mysteries behind Balabhaskar’s death.

Controversies start after Balabhaskar’s Death

Immediately after his death there were many controversies regarding the accident. Many cited the fact that few people involved in gold smuggling was spotted at the accident site. The contradiction in the statements given by the car driver and Balabhaskar’s wife also triggered suspicion. Many family Members of Balabhaskar had already stated that his death was not accidental. They believe that Balabhaskar was a victim of pre-planned murder. The local police has concluded that the death of Balabhaskar happened in a road accident itself. However the CBI is now enquiring on the death and several unsolicited information is that the CBI investigation team got several insights that there are people behind the death of Balabhaskar.

The Eye Witness – Kalabhavan Sobi

kalbhavan sobi

Kalabhavan Sobi, a stage artist was at the accident location. He has given statement that on that day he was traveling from Chalakkudi to Thiruvelveli. At about 12.30am as he felt sleepy, he stopped his vehicle at Mangala Puram. The place near to the Accident spot. He pulled over and rested for some time. When he was resting there, at about 3.30 in the morning, he saw that some people came on a white Scorpio car and parked the car nearby. Another Blue Scorpio car too came after that and people stepped out of both cars. After this he says that he saw one person breaking the glass of one of the Scorpios.

Immediately after this a white Innova car came. He felt that something fishy is happening and he immediately drove away. When he started again, he saw another car coming fast at high speed from Thiruvananthapuram side.  After traveling about one and a half kilometer, he reached the accident spot. The car of Balabhaskar met with the accident there.

He says that he saw a blue car which was seen crashed and hit. When he tried to stop his car to help the victims, few youngsters with long swords came and asked him to go. The year beating on the car and prompting him to run away. The situation was really scary as per his account. In an interaction with the CBI, who are investigating the case now, Kalabhavan Sobi said that the entire account he revealed was true and he repeated the entire happening in front of the CBI officials on 9th August. He even stated that he was ready to undergo any type of scientific truth tests including narco-analysis.

Balabhaskar, Wife Lakshmi, Daughter Thejaswini Bala
Balabhaskar, Wife Lakshmi, Daughter Thejaswini Bala

Kalabhavan Soby also said that he has identified 3 faces and that he won’t forget those faces. One of those faces was of Sarith who is a prime accused in the recent UAE Diplomatic Gold scam case. Kalabhavan Sobi said that he has informed this to the DRE. He said that he told this information during the initial investigation to Thampi the Manager of Balabhaskar. He also told thsi to The Circle Inspector of Attingal. Both of them told Sobi not to tell this and give publicity to this information.

Kalabhavan Sobi says that as a result of revealing these truths, he had threat from many corners, right from 2019. Many people also tried for mediating talks. When the CBI investigation started Kalabhavan Sobi even got threating calls. Most threats were that he won’t be spared to give statement to the CBI.

From the statements made by Kalabhavan Sobi, one thing is clear. The death of Balabhaskar has mysteries behind it. It was not an accidental death. There were people behind the death of Balabhaskar and there are high chances that it was a murder as many family members doubted. Who all were behind the death of Balabhaskar and what were their objectives are yet to be investigated and revealed by the CBI.

The Witness presented by Police is connected with Gold Smugglers

The ill fated Innova Car

In yet another proof that connect the god smuggling gang with the death of Balabhaskar came in to limelight during the investigation of the UAE diplomatic Gold Smuggling case. A statement given by a KSRTC bus driver was the Prime reason for the state police to confirm that the death of Balabhaskar happened as a result of the road accident itself. The KSRTC bus driver named C Aji gave a statement that the car in which Balabhaskar and family was travelling was just in front of his bus when the accident happened and he stated that he was an eye witness of the accident.

His status as an eye witness was convincing being a KSRTC driver travelling on his bus in the same route at the same time. However, during the investigation of the UAE, gold smuggling case, the investigating team has found that the KSRTC driver C Aji is now working with the UAE Consulate as a driver. This sounds fishy. The post might be a remuneration for being the witness in the accident case. CBI will enquire about this in detail.

Balabhaskar, A man who loved violin and music. A musician who inspired the youth of Kerala. A synonym for violin for common music loving Keralites. We hope the mystery will resolve one day and only then his soul will rest in peace.

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