Make Money Online through writing Jobs

Make Money Online Through Writing Jobs

Make money online through writing jobs, yes you read it right. In this Covid19 scenario many people are looking for safer jobs which they can do staying at their home itself. Many people who were working in other fields lost their jobs as well. In this context you have the opportunity to build a career and to make money online through writing jobs.

When we say about this, be aware that there are more scams online to make money than legit ones. You might be already a victim of many online scams that claim to make money online. Here in this article we are explaining about making money online through writing jobs which is fully legit and safe.

We will introduce few legit organizations which are in business for years and the way in which you can be a part of these organizations. The first and foremost way to identify whether an online platform that claims to offer online jobs is legit or not is a very easy one. Anyone who asks for an initial registration fee is most probably a scam. Genuine online writing job portals don’t ask you for money.

What Skills I need to make money Online through writing jobs?

This is the first question most people ask about online writing jobs. The simple answer is “Writing Skills” But to explain it further, you need good command over written English, a little bit of broad knowledge on various subjects, Confidence to complete a task within a stipulated timeframe and basic knowledge about references, citation, bibliography and academic writing.

What exactly is References and different styles of Academic writing?

When they hear terms like Academic writing, bibliography, citation etc. most people would say “Oh my God, I know good English and I am good at writing in English but I don’t know all this weird stuff!” No, it’s not Greek and Latin as you think. If you have good language skills you can learn all these thinks just by reading a few articles spending some 5-6 hours.

Referencing style means that when you write an academic paper (a paper on a topic to be submitted by a student at their college) it needs to show from where you got the information. It can be a book, it can be an internet source, or even an article in a news paper or a periodical. There are different formats that you need to adopt to present that information. A few popular formatting styles are MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, etc. Again, these are just terms and can easily be learned in a matter of hours, so don’t panic!

Plagiarism Vs Genuine Content

When you do a writing job plagiarism can be a villain. Plagiarism means stealing some text from somewhere without properly citing the same. You can take ideas from other sources. Your work is plagiarized and not genuine, when you use those ideas in the exact same sentence as it is seen in the source. In short, copy and paste system that many of us use is a negative practice. Such works will be rejected

Paraphrasing – The Plagiarism Killer

The happy news is that even if you take an idea from another source, you can completely change the wordings and writing style to make it genuine content. After that the writer should mention the source in the bibliography as well.

How much Money I can Earn?

Normally, you will get monthly payments. You have full freedom to take work as per your preference. If you are working full time, you can take lot of assignments and can earn more. Part Time options are also there. Writerbay pays between 5 -14 USD per page as per the immediacy as well as knowledge level needed for specific assignments. A page means one page of content on an MS Word page with double spacing and Times New Roman font at 12 points. 1 inch margin on all sides is a must.

Genuine Websites to make money Online through writing jobs?

We would recommend two major legit players in this field. One is and the other is

Both these sites offer writers to win good remuneration for their work.

To be part of this organization, you need to first apply using a mobile number and an email ID. They will ask you to fill an online registration form and also scanned copies of your academic certificates. They will also conduct different levels of online tests on linguistic skills. Once they confirm you as a writer, you can login to the works section of the portal. You can apply for writing tasks that suits your capability and deadline preferences.  Remuneration for each work is also displayed along with it. Once you complete a work it can be uploaded to the portal. Monthly accumulated payments are transferred to your bank account.

freelancer do not have tests or any such validation process. They will ask you to complete a basic registration process. However, works are allotted based on a bidding. You can bid for works quoting your remuneration. The best bid will get the work. As you progress, clients can see your ratings by previous customers. So quality delivery is very important. There are numerous websites that offer excellent opportunity to make money Online through writing jobs. But make sure not to get trapped in scams. Do a detailed study before joining any other websites that claim to offer opportunities to make money Online through writing jobs.

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