US-China Tension Escalates

US-China Tension Escalates in Taiwan Issue

US-China Tension Escalates in Taiwan Issue. The United State of America has once again clarified that they stand strong with the cause of Taiwan. However, the US made it clear as the guided Missile destroyer USS Halsey sailed through the Taiwan Strait. The US has always taken stand against the Chinese aggression on Taiwan. Moreover, the United States’ relation with Taiwan starts long back in History. Firstly, the US have offered certain commitments to Taiwan right from the time of Reagan Administration. The offer is always referred to as the ‘Six Assurances’. As per this assurance, the support to Taipei on diplomatic terms as well as weapon sales will continue irrespective of aggression or pressure from China.

Taiwan was always an ally of the US. However, after the island nation is standing independent from the Chinese mainland after the civil war. The US administrations in the recent times were not much concerned about the Chinese aggression on Taiwan, despite the later being their trusted ally for long. Therefore, the strategy of Beijing is to consider Taiwan as an integral part of Chinese mainland and to control the area in every possible way. However, Taiwan is now a democratic nation with a population of about 24 million people.

US-China Tension Escalates

As Xi Jinping got complete power over the Chinese Communist Party, he tried to control Taiwan with an iron fist. Beijing even plans to use military action to take control over Taiwan and to annex it to the mainland. However, there is a fast-growing demand in Taiwan to be formally free from China and to be fully independent.

China Denies validity of the ‘Six Assurances’

In a recent development, on the 30th of August 2020, Beijing officially stated that the ‘Six Assurances’ is invalid and void. Secondly, They fully denied the validity of the decade long agreement between the US and Taiwan. A spokesman of the Taiwan affairs in Beijing even went to an extent, stating that adhering to the ‘Six Assurances’ for Independence of Taiwan will lead to ‘Self-inflicted disasters’. The US as well as the Taiwanese freedom fighters find this as a threatening statement from the Beijing.

In this situation the presence of USS Halsey, a US warship in the Taiwan Sea has a diplomatic importance. The warship passing through Taiwan Bay is a blow on the face of China. As the US-China Tension Escalates, the US is giving a clear message that the threat from Beijing is not even considered by the US and that their threat has no value. The movement of the warship also means that the US would not mind to use force to liberate Taiwan. Chinese media has also reported that a US surveillance aircraft landed at an airbase in Taiwan, a few days back. In another incident a Chinese Sukhoi aircraft crashed in the Taiwanse territory. Taiwanese unofficial sources has claimed that Taiwan has shot down the aircraft that entered Taiwan airspace. Chinese official sources denied the claim that their aircraft was shot down. The pilot is seriously injured, sources said. The aircraft crashed in an area controlled by Taiwan, near to the south China sea.

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