Mahindra launch The All New Thar

Mahindra Launch The All New Thar

Mahindra launch the all new Thar. Power of the Old Jeep and Luxury of a Modern Car combined into one machine. Mahindra is once again amazing automobile enthusiasts with its re launch of the Thar. The Thar was already a favorite of SUV and flat fender enthusiasts. Mahindra this week displayed the all new Thar in front of the motor enthusiasts. The core shape of the Mahindra Thar remains unchanged in the All New Thar. However, the features drastically improved.

New Features of All New Mahindra Thar

Mahindra knows that the USP of Mahindra Thar is its design and power. The usability of the machine reminds enthusiasts about the old Mahindra Jeep. So, the basic USP elements are untouched in the Mahindra all new Thar. The price of the new Thar will be announced on October 2nd 2020. Much improvement has been done in upgrading the technologies used and the usability of the vehicle as well as in the interior elements.

Dash View of the All New Thar
Dash View of the All New Thar

The vehicle will have excellent off-road capabilities. Comparing with the earlier Mahindra Thar, the all new Thar will have touch screen infotainment system as a built-in accessory. Other added features of the New Thar include cruise control, multi-color information displays, parking mirrors in the rear, power folding mirror, etc. The vehicle also offers twin airbags for better safety, hill descend control system, ABS, EBD, ESP functional with a high-performance roll-over mitigation feature. reverse parking sensors etc.

The biggest and most amazing improvement is the built-in hard top option. This can be removed if needed. This is highly useful for people who consider the new Thar for adventurous motor sports like off-roading along with occasional family trips. The hard-top supports better air conditioning and offers a closed cab feel while traveling with family. It is also useful in extreme cold climates.

Seats and Interior. The All new Thar
Seats and Interior. The All new Thar

Engine and Transmission Options: The New Thar

Earlier Thar only had a Diesel engine option with a fully manual gearbox. As Mahindra launch the all new Thar, it offers different engine and transmission options for the customer to choose from. The New Thar will be available in Petrol Engine option and also with automatic transmission. The highly powerful 2 litre petrol engine from the mStallion range will offer 152 BHP power and 320 Nm torque to the new Thar. This engine uses a 5-speed gearbox to mint out optimum power delivery.

Interior Side View. All New Thar
Interior Side View. All New Thar

2.2 litre, 132 BHP, M-Hawk Engine powers the Diesel Variant of the new Thar. The engine delivers 320 Nm torque. This will also have a 6-speed manual gearbox. The New Thar will also be available in an automatic transmission option. This 6-speed gearbox will sport a torque conversion option too. Both the petrol and diesel variants will have 4-Wheel Drive options. The Thar is also available as earlier with 4×4 shift on fly transfer case feature using the conventional mechanical differential lock system. However, the drive train is now standard on all the New Thar models.

Automobile enthusiasts are eagerly looking forward for the price tag of the New Thar and when the booking will be open.

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