Kerala Avoids Smart Driving Licence

Kerala Avoids Smart Driving Licence even in 2021

Kerala avoids Smart Driving Licence even after Parivahan software has been introduced. The state of Kerala often boasts about being No.1 in India in many aspects. However, many other states have advanced so much in the field of issuing Driving Licence. They have more secure chip enabled Smart Driving Licence issued as PVC cards. The state of Kerala is still in the stone age. Even after the introduction of Parivahan, Kerala MVD made not much changes. The parivahan software planned to bring uniformity in Driving Licence details. However, Kerala Motor Vehicle Department is still in the old age with very less modernization. Kerala Avoids Smart Driving Licence and still follows the age-old practice of laminated paper Driving licence.

Changes in Driving Licence in Kerala

The changes in the driving licence issued by the Kerala State MVD is minimal. This is same even after the introduction of Parivahan software. A few mandatory inclusions are now part of the Driving Licence issued from Kerala. The heading itself changed. Earlier the text written on the top of the Driving license issued from Kerala was different. It was ‘Índian Union Kerala State Driving Licence’. The new format showcases the text, ‘Indian Union Driving Licence Issued by State of Kerala’. The driving licence number format also changed. In Kerala the earlier format was a two number RTO code in the beginning. Then, a four-digit number, and finally year of issue in YYYY format.

The new Parivahan format has the two-letter state code in the beginning. The RTO code follows, followed by year of issue in YYYY format, followed by the old licence number. The licence number that comes at the last places should have 7 characters. If the number is less than seven, then prefix appropriate number of zeros to make it seven digit. Even though the Parvahan software demands the introduction of smart details into the driving licence, the MVD of Kerala Avoids Smart Driving Licence and is still continuing with the old system with minimal modifications.

Change in Transport License Format

Earlier in Kerala state system heavy passenger motor vehicle licence was mentioned as HPMV, and Heavy goods motor vehicle was mentioned in the licence as HGMV. Both these are removed in the new system. However, the new licence will have TRANS written in Class of Vehicle section, if you have a Heavy Licence (Transport Licence). Badge number is also mentioned on the Driving Licence, if you have a badge to drive Transport vehicles. However, MVD in Kerala Avoids Smart Driving Licence which contains chip details. The new license only has a QR Code. If you scan the QR code, you can validate details on the licence at the Parivahan website. This is the only smart element in the New Licence issued by Kerala MVD

Quality of the New Driving Licence Issued from Kerala

The quality of the Driving Licence issued by the Kerala MVD is pathetic. It is still two pieces of paper pasted together and then laminated using heat lamination. Kerala MVD is really in the stone age. The funniest part is that the only security feature on this laminated document is a hologram inside the lamination. In short, the document doesn’t even look and feel like a government issued one and don’t feel like an original one. Most of the states in India is issuing Chip enabled PVC smart card Driving licences and Kerala is still in the age of paper licence with lamination. If you expose this document to moisture for a week or so, the lamination will come off and the paper inside will be soaked.

The government expect this document, which is supposed to remain in the wallet of a person, to last for 20 years. Never the less to say, even the quality of plastic lamination is way too low, as compared to local shops which offer decent lamination jobs at a moderate price. It is a pity that Kerala Avoids Smart Driving Licence and still use the old pattern.

The system needs to improve. Driving licence is a precious possession by many. It is a document that explains identity of a person. A driving licence is a valid document that should last for 20 years. Therefore, it is a shame that the MVD is not even bothered about the present system. The governemnt and the MVD should do Proper research and take actions to improve the situation.

7 thoughts on “Kerala Avoids Smart Driving Licence even in 2021

  1. Defenitely kerala govt: and respected MVD have to get changed to bring smart DL. Please terminate the contract with the company who is noy able to print pvc type cards and find other solutions like other states. Waiting to show my DL to other nationalities with proud…

  2. In the year 2050, Kerala Government is likely to start issuing Smart Card Driving Licences. The pity is, whether we all will remain alive to see a Smart Card Driving Licence issued in Kerala.

  3. ഒന്നു ഉണർന്നു പ്രവർത്തിക്കണം,fees കൃത്യമായി smartcard നും കൂടെ ചേർത്തു വാങ്ങുന്നുണ്ട്.

  4. Pathetic. Still in the stone age. No.1 Kerala 🙂 .
    U will feel shame when u submit this paper piece (licence) in abroad countries.

  5. While applying, they charged for smart card, but i got old age paper laminated DL. Either they should return the money or when smart card comes they should upgrade this paper piece into smart card for free.

  6. This is a shame we are still having laminated license. Kerala should have been a role model for others, I heard there is a case on this going on in High Court.

    Hopefully we get over this faster, I too hold a laminated License and want to change to smart card.

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