Terrorism in Afghanistan

Terrorism in Afghanistan.

Terrorism in Afghanistan is not a news at all. Afghanistan, was the cradle for one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. The country is now a heap of debris that represents human greed, intolerance. It now represents all fanatic savagism to its maximum extend.  Continuous civil wars and invasions have made this once rich nation now dwell in ruins. The war against people led by Al-Qaida and the fanatic regime of Taliban ruined Afghanistan. The country witnessed the bloodiest ages of the history of Terrorism in Afghanistan.

The continuous restlessness and political anarchy in Afghanistan caused a destructive environment and a state of anarchy for several years. Many natives however believed that the situations will improve after the end of Taliban era in 2001. The present scenario in Afghanistan stages frequent violent terrorist outbursts in several parts of the nation, thus pushing the state to lack of development and poverty.

US Forces In Afghanistan. Terrorism in Afghanistan

After the US invasion and the fall of Taliban regime, many constructive efforts were being undertaken in Afghanistan. However, an urgent effort and initiative is required to make this nation strong and to give confidence to its people. The latest survey reports suggest that more than 40 percent of the dwellers in cities and towns and that 70 percent of the inhabitants of the rural areas still don’t have access to fresh water. These statistics clearly shows the status of life in Afghanistan. Though the west sponsored service organizations working in the state is having facilities for their private use, the majority of the Afghan population is deprived of the basic necessities including fresh water, electricity, sanitation and fuel. When the people of the land are deprived of all these, their invaders enjoy all these privileges.

Life in Afghanistan

With the increased Terrorism in Afghanistan, the average longevity of an Afghani is just 43 years based on a recent survey on HDI and more than 54 percent of the people of Afghanistan still live in utter poverty. Literacy is an important matter of concern when we consider the future of Afghanistan. The terrorist regime was almost against formal education in Afghanistan and this resulted in poor literacy rate. Afghanistan, which was once the cradle for global knowledge and intellect, is now having a handful of illiterate citizens. As less as 28 percent of the nations population is literate and the worst statistics is that only 3 percent of the female population could read and write.

There are regions where the literacy is even less than 1 percent. Infant mortality rate in Afghanistan is also alarming and as per reliable studies on infant mortality rates, it is seen that 1 out of 6 children lose their life before they turn 5. Illiteracy and infant mortality are factors that invite serious attention as these factors directly affect the future of any society. In the novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns , Khaled Hosseini  says, “A society has no chance of success if its women are uneducated”.

Jobless Youth – A major Issue with Terrorism in Afghanistan

The one serous and immediate outcome of the above factors is the jobless and frustrated youth. This further leads such individuals to become to anti socials venturing into activities including burglary, terrorism drug abuse and many more. Even now it is totally unsafe in Afghanistan to be on the streets at night. Abduction of children and young girls for money is much common. Terrorism in Afghanistan is always on a high. Many people are daily killed by gunshots of the invaders and their army.

The life in Afghanistan was even worse with the Taliban Regime in Power. The most affected part of the society were women. It is common for Muslim terrorist organizations to target the women in any societies they conquer and to impose brutal laws which are of the primitive era. With increased Terrorism in Afghanistan, the Taliban treated female sex even worse than beasts. For them the duty of females was limited to breeding and gratification of sexual fancies of the males.

The Taliban regime even prohibited women to go out for work, thus depriving the right of women to go out and work. For the rest of the world thus would sound absurd and funny that a government banned its women from going out for work. Women were not allowed to purchase things from shops and also banned to move alone in public places. Girl students were fully deprived of education.

The Fall of the Taliban: Terrorism in Afghanistan

The fall of Taliban saw an end to the brutal laws and most of the peace-loving Afghanis had a sigh of relief up on the fall of Taliban rule. Even after years the life in Afghanistan has not improved much. Now people are free to watch television, to fly kites and to get engaged in sports and games. Girls can now go to school and can dress themselves attractively. But many issues remain unsolved. The issues relating to unemployment and poor life standards are totally unattended by the present Afghanistan Government.

The issues of the people who fled away with the Taliban aggression is a big head ache. Millions of people abandoned their homes and moved to other nearby places. Though many returned in 2001 after the fall of Taliban, many are still away from their homes and are leading a miserable life. Many study reports show that 10 percent of the total refugees are not returning due to insecurity, joblessness, unavailability of land and other clan issues.

Tribal Wars and Invading Armies

Many people in Afghanistan lose their lives in spontaneous outbursts of tribal wars and fight between different sects based on religion. The alarming fact is that the death toll of civilians including women and children is on its rise since the war has begun. The invading armies, especially the US led coalition says that the majority of the causalities are of the Taliban led terrorists and that this good news rather than an alarming one.

The health aspects of Afghan society have also not improved much since the war as the health service availability is very poor even now. The fertile land of Afghanistan is now totally barren and crops are not planted and the land remains dry. The seats of knowledge in the past are now occupied by armies and people are fighting for no reason. The new generation is starving to death and is totally deprived of education and basic necessities. There is a total breakdown in the cultural, etymological, social and economical heritage of this once great land. The devastation is to such a great extend that it is almost irrecoverable.

Afghanistan in Khaled Hosseini’s Books

Khaled Hosseini, one among the greatest novelists of Afghanistan wrote from his own experiences. His works truly reflected the real life and pathetic living status of the people of Afghanistan. In his work ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’, he unveils the true life of Afghan people and how they were living a life of slaves for many centuries. The book narrates the life of the people of Afghanistan right from the time of soviet invasion and then the rise of Taliban. After the fall of Taliban, it is the turn of the US led Army. In all cases, Afghanistan remains in chains and its people in utter poverty.

In the book Hosseini says, “Behind every trial and sorrow that He makes us shoulder, God has a reason.”

As the latest reports come in, there is a ray of hope for the optimists. With the new Barak Obama Administration coming to power in the US, situations have changed considerably. Even though there is no immediate signs of the US aggression coming to an end, signs that points to better life standards is seen all over Afghanistan. With years of civil war and similar disturbances, it is not wise to believe that Afghanistan will become a safer place if the US troops leave. Such a situation will result in utter Chaos and the nation will definitively go t a pack of savages and the country will once again witness the return of the Taliban.

Life Getting Better in Afghanistan

Life Getting Better in Afghanistan Now the effort of the US sponsored troops is to heal the wounds of yester years and to make life better in Afghanistan. The situation where men kill men should change. Religion should guide people to truth and peace rather than destroy their self esteem and will power. The newly sworn in Afghanistan government is not performing up to the mark, still they have a long way to go as they need to begin reconstructing their nation from day one. The optimistic fact is that local governance in Afghanistan has been re established and that educational institutions are being eructed once again.

Only an emotionally sound society can lay foundation for a booming economy. So the people of Afghanistan need to learn lessons from their own past. They should emerge from their own ashes as the phoenix bird does. This should improve their life and this should serve as a ray of hope for the future generations. The riches and all the adoring factors of Afghanistan is waiting for a day that their nation can be proud of. The life of Afghanistan is now in the hands of its people. They can make it shine and survive or let it die.

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