North Korea the real hell of earth

North Korea the Real Hell on Earth

North Korea the real hell of earth is a nation notorious for its autocratic rule. When we hear about the place North Korea few images come to our mind. Nuclear Missiles, the fat Kim Jong Un and lack of freedom. Yes, North Korea the real hell of earth is a country with laws that many of us might find difficult to believe.

Since North Korea don’t have proper diplomatic relations with other countries, what happen inside remains a mystery. North Korea in the last decade faced a terrible famine and almost 3 million people died out of starvation. Satellite images also show that the country has regulated power supply. No stable electric supply system is available in North Korea.

There are also regulations for entertainment. People are not free to make songs or to sing songs of their choice. Doing that might put you behind the bars in North Korea. Eunsun Kim is a north Korean girl who managed to escape from the country along with her mother when she was 1 years old. She said that 90% of the songs they were allowed to sing were praises for Kim’s family or the ruling labour party.

There exists a sort of caste system in North Korea the top privileged class is termed the core. This group in North Korea includes families who are close to the labour party and the ruling dynasty. If you belong to this group life in North Korea is a breeze. The second one is wavering group which includes family that are in military service. The third one is the hostile group. Life is miserable for this low class working class people. For them life is like an imprisonment term. They don’t have access to any happy moments in life. Several reports also came that women from many families are compulsorily sold off to Chinese men as the Chinese have a shortage of young woman of marrying age.

Kim Jong Un - The North Korean Dictator
Kim Jong Un – The North Korean Dictator

The worst news that came from North Korea was in 1996 when reports came that human meat was sold in North Korea. Such a case was also confirmed in Pyongyang. Even during the Korean war or during the Japanese colonial rule, cannibalism was not reported in North Korea. The famine was too much for the North Korean people to start cannibalism.

Why North and South Korea?

Korea was one nation before the second world war. After the fall of japan in the second world war, the northern part of Korea was occupied with the Russian allies. The US occupied the southern part. The south Korea emerged as a capitalist nation supported by the US. The North Korea opted for a communist rule under the Russia.

The pathetic situation of North Korea and its people who adopted communism and the development progress and liberty acquired by the people of South Korea is a live example of how communism affects a nation. The example of North Korea shouts to the world how deadly communism can become. All the communists who bark within the nation saying that the government is fascist should be sent to their paradise, North Korea and should be allowed to stay there for a couple of years. They can enjoy communism and the liberty offered by their great fat leader Kim Jong Un.

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