Sri.Lalgudi Jayaraman & Sri. TN Krishnan

Sri.Lalgudi Jayaraman & Sri. TN Krishnan, The Violin Maestros

Lalgudi Jayaraman

Sri.Lalgudi Jayaraman & Sri. TN Krishnan are among the contemporary Carnatic music composers who are instantly associated with perfection, melody and rhythm in violin and musical brilliance. The former among the two, Sri.Lalgudi Jayaraman was born in an illustrious disciple of the great saint musician Thyagaraja and meticulously trained and brought up in an atmosphere of music by his versatile father late V R Gopala Iyer, Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman inherited the essence of Carnatic music.

Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman started his musical career as a carnatic music artist at the early age of 12 as an accompanying violinist. Being endowed with rich thoughts, quick reflex, and an uncommon ability for adapting to the individual styles of the leading maestros in Carnatic music while accompanying them in their concerts, he reached the forefront. This rich concert experience he thus gained, coupled with the strong urge to give original expression to the musical ideas surging in him, culminated in his emergence as a solo violinist of rare brilliance.

He has made his mark also as a unique and extraordinary composer having to his credit several thillanas and varnams which are a scintillating blend of raga, bhava, rhythm and lyrical beauty. He established himself as carnatic music composerwith various krithis that he contributed to the carnatic music field. As a carnatic music composer, he has a set of brilliant thillanas to his credit as well.


Trippunitura Narayanan Krishnan, the prominent carnatic music composer and violinist was born on October 6, 1928 into a family of musicians celebrated in the Carnatic and Hindustani traditions of Indian classical music. Both his parents, A. Narayana Iyer and Ammini Ammal, are from families having year old carnatic musical tradition.

Music was an integral part of his childhood in Trippunitura in the southern Indian state of Kerala where his father and guru A. Narayana Iyer was an eminent carnatic music composer. Narayana Iyer was an extraordinary teacher and strict disciplinarian who spared no effort in developing Krishnan’s innate talent. All these helped him to become an aclaimed carnatic music expert.

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