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Real Story of Mopilla Rebellion. Ali Akbar’s Movie 1921

Real Story of Mopilla Rebellion will be unveiled in Ali Akbar;s Movie 1921. Ali Akbar is always a different person in his ideologies. A Muslim by birth, yet a patriotic Indian who understands the real value of the culture of India. A different voice among the film fraternity predominantly ruled by pseudo liberal and leftist gangsters. He has earlier contributed few hit movies and has entertained the Malayalee movie lovers.

This time, when the left liberals, Ashik Abu – Prithviraj team announced the movie Variam Kunnan which was planned to depict Varriam Kunnath Kunjahammad Haji as a patriot and freedom fighter, Ali Akbar initiated a challenge among his facebook friends and well-wishers to launch a movie that genuinely shows the reality of Hindu Genocide that happened as part of Moppila rebellion.

Real Story of Moppila rebellion

History says that Moppila rebellion was the first planned Hindu massacre that happened in 1921 and the objective of the Moppila rebellion supporters was to establish Islamic rule in the captured area. The rebellion which started as a peasant revolt soon changed its nature and became an anti Hindu movement. Hindu men were mass murdered and their women were raped. Even children were not spared. There is a well in the region where half dead people were dumped in huge numbers. Temples were plundered and burnt. Many remains of all these act of extrimism is still seen in the region.

Ali Akbar says that he has visited many such places and have interacted with the present generation of the affected people during the Moppila rebellion. This inspired him to expose the reality in front of Keralites. Ali Akbar’s movie will be an eye opener for many people who are misled by false history taught by the communist and pseudo liberal governments. Ali Akbar has stated that the souls of people who died after extreme torture during the Moppila rebellion will be the prime strength for this project. he is ignoring lot of abuses and even threats that came from many Jihadi Groups. Many Jihadi Groups are infuriated by the action of Ali Akbar, A Muslim man supporting the Hindu cause.

His question was “How many of you are ready to contribute a humble contribution for protecting your own dharma” He termed the project as “Mama Dharma.” The objective of this project is to unveil the Real Story of Mopilla Rebellion. To the astonishment of everyone fund started pouring in every day and the trust in Ali Akbar was very evident from this fund in flow. He periodically informs his followers regarding the fund updates and also have mentioned that he will accept funds only through account or as account payee checks for better transparency. The movie is planned in other languages as well and is expected to be a mega hit.

Support Ali Akbar and his Project

Our support is needed as Ali Akbar Launches the Movie 1921 explaining Real Story of Mopilla Rebellion. Sri. Ali Akbar is a strong voice of the entire Hindu community. It is gods wish that a person born in a Muslim family was assigned to protect and support the self esteem of the entire Hindu community when a need arose. In Mahabharata during Geethopadesham, Bhagavan says in the sloka, “Yada yada hi dharmasya, Ganir bhavathi bharata” which means, “Oh! Arjuna, when ever dharma is degenerating and when adharma is blooming, in order to uplift dharma, and to protect the suffering people, to kill the evil ones, I come in different forms, I come as different persons in all the Yugas”. The project of Variam Kunnan was a challenge on the pride of every Hindu. If we believe in Mahabharata, we need to believe that in this context Sri Ali Akbar is the incarnation of god himself to protect the sadhu Hindu community. We will soon see on the big screen, Real Story of Mopilla Rebellion.

For contributions, please use this account number below and be part of the great initiative Mama Dharma

AC. No.  1043101034284
IFSC: CNRB0001043
Google pay: mamadharma1921@okicici

Variam Kunnan: Glorifying Hindu Genocide of 1921
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  1. In 1988, I V Sasi had directed a movie titled 1921 based on the Malabar rebellion, which started as resistance against the British colonial rule and the feudal system in southern Malabar but ended in communal violence.

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