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Carnatic Music Musical Treat by Dr.KJ Yesudas

Dr.K.J. Yesudas, the ‘ganagandharvan’ rendered a mesmerizing concert, this season at the Narada Gana Sabha. The concert was on 10 th of December 2009. The concert started with a mesmerizing ‘Sree Vinayagam Smaraami’ set to Trilochanapriya. The krithi got an excellent response from the rasikas. The concert was held in front of a huge audience. His ever charming voice seemed to be even more captivating. As ever he offered a varied treatment to the concert experimenting with rare krithis and offering a huge scope of variety for alapana as well as selection of krithis. Unlike many othere performers and exponents in carnatic music, Sri. K.J. Yesudas has always considered the taste of rasikas and have performed accordingly. This has offered Sree K.J. Yesudas a houseful audience always. He even interacted with the audience and narrated incidents that he experience in earlier concerts. The kriti in raga Ritigaula ‘Enna Puniyam’ by Oothukadu Venkata Kavi is his much loved piece. He gave a melodious rendering of the same.

The alapana in Denuka was crispy and worth listening. ‘Teliyaleru Rama’ by Thyagaraja was indeed filled with bhakthi and devotion as ever rendered by Sri. Yesudas. The succeeding Suddha Dhanyasi was remarkable. ‘Himagiri Tanayee’ of Harikesanalloor Muthiyyah Bhaagavathar truly echoed the art of rendering perfect notes and was a perfect blend of voice and instrumentation. Yesudas always include such compositions in most of his concerts and that truly helps him to make sure that the entire set of audience gets interested in the flow of the concert. The Thyagaraja kriti ‘Daridapuleeka’ which is rarely heard in present day concerts was included and this piece won much appreciation

On concluding, ‘Saraseeruhasana Priye’ in raga Natta, he gave a detailed raga alapana in Kharaharapriya. ‘Nadachi Nadachi’of Thyagaraja swami was rendered with perfection and bliss. It also got heavy applause from the audience. Tani avarthanam rendered by mridangist Prakash and vaikom Gopalakrishnan was riveting. As ever the audience was expecting lot many sweets in the form of thukkadas at the end of this grand feast. The one in kalyani, ‘En Nenjil Palli Kondavan Sri Ranganayakan’, was truly lovely. The song composed by Salem Eeshwar is truly rich in bhakthi bhava and the rendering by Sri Yesudas even made it more enchanting.. A piece in Revati ‘Hrdayathil’ in Malayalam was the next item. He also rendered a song by Surdas, ‘Meru’. The ragamilka on Sri Guruvayurappan was a mesmerizing one. As he started, ‘Harivarasanam’ the audience went in ecstasy and instantly went into clap-mode. Finally, he sang an extract from Narayaneeyam of melppathoor Bhatathiri ‘Agre Pasyami’ and Yogindranam. Yesudas sang the verses ‘Ayush Arogya Sowkyam’ in Brindavana Saranga with perfection and devotion. The concert proved a blissful and unprecedented experience for the audience.

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